Stanley Steemer Indianapolis Coupons

Stanley Steemer Indianapolis Coupons

Stanley Steemer is a company based in Ohio and has been known for its good carpet cleaning from the year 1947. It then widened its services from carpet cleaning to furniture and air duct cleaning and air rug cleaning. In Indianapolis, Stanley steemer offers different discounts and coupons that vary on the different services that are offered.  With competitive rates in the market today, Stanley Steemer offers the very best rates on all the services it has giving its clients an affordable experience, Below are the very best discounts that are offered at Stanley Steemers in Indianapolis:-

  • Stanley Steemer Carpet Cleaner– This offer lies on the Stanley steemer carpet cleaner where a 10% discount on all the cleaning products offered. This ranges from carpet cleaners to red wine removal cleaners among others.
  • $99 coupon – This discount is centered on carpet cleaning, where you will get a room cleaned, sprayed and polished for only $99. This offer includes other services such as air duct cleaning, furniture cleaning as well as tiles and grout. It is applicable for both commercial and residential areas.
  • $ 35 off – This discount is applicable for orders that total up to $200. The orders get a $35 reduction on all the orders that either sum up to $200 or more. This is cost effective and is a great advantage to commercial places where they take up different services.
  • $59 off – This discount is applicable for air duct cleaning. The main aim for this discount is to ensure that different clients are made aware of this service offered. The amount is not only flexible but also quite affordable for the client who orders for this service often.
  • Carpet cleaning @ $99 – Carpet cleaning @ $99 for three rooms is yet another cost effective measure that has been put in place to ensure that the client enjoys maximum benefits at Stanley Steemers. This involves cleaning of the carpet using hot water extraction, deodorizing the carpet and spraying it with an anti stain chemical that will help it retain its luster and polish for a very long time.
  • 2 room cleaning for $39.95 – This is yet another offer that is aimed at ensuring the client gets the full benefits of Stanley steemers. The cleaning entails, furniture and carpet cleaning, spraying of the room, and of course air duct and air rug cleaning. This is all done for a minimal fee of $39.95 and will leave you satisfied and happy.
  • $25 off $150 + – This is a discount placed on orders that cost $150 or more, a discount of $25 is extracted from the total order ensuring that the client gets a good discount from the order placed. This order is applicable to both residential and commercial levels but is preferred by commercial places where they order a lot of services at once.

The discounts at Indianapolis from Stanley Steemers are well designed to ensure that the clients get the most from the company and leave them satisfied. They also aim at rewarding loyal customers who have been with Stanley Steemers for a long period of time. However the coupons are seasonal and should be taken advantage of as soon as possible, some of them are only found online while others are only for residential places only.

With over three decades of experience in carpet cleaning, Stanley Steemers aim at pleasing the customer, offering them quality service and above all ensuring that they keep coming back for regular cleaning. The experts at Stanley Steemers are well trained to provide the best service on your carpet, furniture and house at large. The team will carry out extensive research on the stains on the carpet, tiles and furniture before cleaning is done. This will ensure that the stain removers will not corrode the different materials on the sofa or carpet.  Stanley Steemers care a great deal for the general outlook of your house and will ensure that your house is left spotlessly clean.  The discounts are also friendly and range from one state to the other as well as on different services. Call Stanley Steemers to get a free quotation with the discounts.

Stanley Steemer Promo Code

Stanley Steemer Promo Code

Here at Stanley steemer we not only care about your carpets but we also care about your pocket and ensuring that you get the right deal for the right price. Having been in the business for quite some time, we ensure that the promo code will not only help you get a great deal but will also ensure that you save extra money and have extra services on your carpet and upholstery. The promo code will vary with type and the coupon, price, as well as the type of services that fall under this bracket. Others will also depend on whether the service will be provided to residential areas only or both residential and commercial areas.

The top offers that are currently available at Stanley Steemer are:-

  • 3 Rooms carpet cleaning for $99 – This offer covers three rooms of carpet cleaning for only $99. It is however only limited to residential areas only and is valid at participating locations only. This offer entails cleaning the carpets, deodorizing it in three rooms leaving you satisfied with a clean polish and clean carpets.
  • 15% off Stanley steemer services – The services offered at Stanley Steemer Promo Code are carpet cleaning, furniture cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, natural stone cleaning, hardwood floor cleaning, air duct cleaning, water damage restoration, air rug cleaning. These services are offered for residential areas. For commercial areas, the services offered include; carpet cleaning, furniture cleaning, air duct cleaning, hardwood floor cleaning, tile and grout cleaning and water damage repair. These services will attract a 15% discount in both residential and commercial areas making cost effective.
  • 30$ off your order – This is yet another top offer at Stanley Steemer Promo Code that is pocket friendly. This promotion code allows you a discount of $30 off your order. It is applicable for both commercial and residential areas. The discount can be on any services ordered that Stanley Steemers offers.
  • 35$ off 150$ – this promo code deducts 35$ dollars from an order that totals up to $150. It is applicable on both residential and commercial services and also on any of the services being offered at Stanley and Steemers.
  • Free $30 off furniture cleaning services – This promo code is designed for furniture cleaning services for both residential and commercial areas. It offers free $30 discount on furniture cleaning services and in case the service ordered totals up to $30, then the service will be done completely free.
  • $59 off Air duct cleaning – This promo code gives a discount of $59 on air duct cleaning, not many clients ask for this service hence the huge reduction in discount to create awareness for the service offered at Stanley Steemer Promo Code. The air duct cleaning is always thoroughly done by professionals who give a commendable end result.
  • $ 35 off Tile and grout cleaning – This promo code offers 35$ off from tile and grout cleaning and ensures a job well done by professionals at the end of the day. The service offered can be done on both residential and commercial levels.

There are different discounts and offers generated at Stanley and Steemers on a daily basis, most of which are aimed at creating awareness of the services offered to the customer and offering a cost effective quotation that will create loyalty with the customer.  Our offers range from services offered to the location/branch that is currently offering that service. That is, the discounts are given according to the current location of Stanley steemers. Sometimes, the promo code may vary from different branches, when one branch of Stanley Steemer offers a discount on air duct cleaning; the other will offer a discount on furniture cleaning. This entirely depends on the service offered and which exact service the current branch chooses to create more awareness to its clients with.

The promo codes can either be found online or from a manual coupon once you visit any of the Stanley Steemers outlets. To find out more on the services offered at Stanley Steemers, you can call for a free quotation and also find out what discounts and promotion codes are available to you, both in the commercial and residential level. Do not miss out on these amazing offers.

Stanley Steemer

Stanley Steemer is a company based in Ohio Dublin and has been cleaning carpets since the year 1947. The founder, Jack A, Bates, invested about $2300 in the business and has since then been run successfully by the family, this being its third generation. It started small by cleaning carpets but later on extended to furniture, hardwood floors, tile & grout, air duct cleaning among other services. The company is based both locally and internationally with 280 independent franchises operating under them. They are located in 49 states and carry out a 24/7 hour service and will deliver their services to your doorstep as soon as you contact them. Stanley steemer owns top notch technology that ensures all the services are carried out with at most competency and skills. The stuff is well trained and above all provides quality services 24/7.

Services Offered at Stanley Steemer.

The services offered at Stanley Steemers range in two categories, commercial and residential. They have highly experienced trainees who will carry out an extensive research on the stain removal process both on your carpet, furniture and tiles before cleaning. This helps to know the kind of chemicals to use and the best equipment to use on the carpet and upholstery. The services offered are as follows

    • Carpet Cleaning- The main objectives in carpet cleaning are to ensure regular cleaning is made on your carpet consistently and thoroughly. Stanley Steemers offers an extensive carpet cleaning service that ensures your carpet is not only stain free but is also given a good polish and does not succumb to wear and tear. The method used is hot water extraction, where a hot water suction is run over the carpet to remove any stubborn stains and other hidden ones that are soaked into the carpets fibers. Regular cleaning will attract you a discount on the already affordable prices that are offered in carpet cleaning. This service is offered for both commercial and residential levels and is available 24/7and respond to your call immediately.
    • Furniture Cleaning – Stanley Steemers are also well trained in cleaning upholstery regardless of the material it’s made from. The cleaners are experts in dealing with just about anything, wood, leather among other fabrics. The cleaners at Stanley Steemers are trained to research on the stain before using the different stain removal detergents on the furniture. The detergents used to remove these stains will ensure that the fabric is not affected corroded or exposed to wear and tear. A discount is offered for clients who choose to have both their carpets and furniture done at the same time by Stanley Steemers.
    • Tile and Grout Cleaning – The professional team at Stanley steemers ensures that the luster in your tiles is restored. The highly sophisticated technology that is used on the tile and grout extracts all the dirt and hidden particles that fall in between the tiles. The equipment ensures that the tile is given a shiny surface that leaves the client happy and satisfied. Tired of mopping your tiled floor every now and again? Call Stanley Steemers and get the best team that will ensure your tiles are spotlessly clean.
    • Hardwood Cleaning – This is by far the hardest type of floor that will need cleaning. The experts at Stanley Steemers however ensure that the hardwood floors are well cleaned and at the end have that extra polish and shine by using their highly sophisticated equipment. This equipment extracts all the dirt hidden in between the floors surface and gives if a shinier outlook. The experts at Stanley Steemers use detergents that will help prevent any future stains in the future and also ensure that your floor lives up to the number of years it’s supposed to before you think of renovating it.
    • Air Duct Cleaning – There are different respiratory diseases that come as a result to unclean air, with this in mind it is important to have clean air ducts. At Stanley Steemers there are professionals who will ensure that your air duct is kept clean and the respiratory diseases are kept at a minimal. There are experts who will clean the air duct with specialized equipment and ensure a clean circulation of air in your house.

Other services that are offered at Stanley Steemers range from air rug cleaning, water damage services among others. Call to have a free estimate on the service you require.