Stanley Steemer Indianapolis Coupons

Stanley Steemer Indianapolis Coupons


Stanley Steemer is a company based in Ohio and has been known for its good carpet cleaning from the year 1947. It then widened its services from carpet cleaning to furniture and air duct cleaning and air rug cleaning. In Indianapolis, Stanley steemer offers different discounts and coupons that vary on the different services that are offered.  With competitive rates in the market today, Stanley Steemer offers the very best rates on all the services it has giving its clients an affordable experience, Below are the very best discounts that are offered at Stanley Steemers in Indianapolis:-

  • Stanley Steemer Carpet Cleaner– This offer lies on the Stanley steemer carpet cleaner where a 10% discount on all the cleaning products offered. This ranges from carpet cleaners to red wine removal cleaners among others.
  • $99 coupon – This discount is centered on carpet cleaning, where you will get a room cleaned, sprayed and polished for only $99. This offer includes other services such as air duct cleaning, furniture cleaning as well as tiles and grout. It is applicable for both commercial and residential areas.
  • $ 35 off – This discount is applicable for orders that total up to $200. The orders get a $35 reduction on all the orders that either sum up to $200 or more. This is cost effective and is a great advantage to commercial places where they take up different services.
  • $59 off – This discount is applicable for air duct cleaning. The main aim for this discount is to ensure that different clients are made aware of this service offered. The amount is not only flexible but also quite affordable for the client who orders for this service often.
  • Carpet cleaning @ $99 – Carpet cleaning @ $99 for three rooms is yet another cost effective measure that has been put in place to ensure that the client enjoys maximum benefits at Stanley Steemers. This involves cleaning of the carpet using hot water extraction, deodorizing the carpet and spraying it with an anti stain chemical that will help it retain its luster and polish for a very long time.
  • 2 room cleaning for $39.95 – This is yet another offer that is aimed at ensuring the client gets the full benefits of Stanley steemers. The cleaning entails, furniture and carpet cleaning, spraying of the room, and of course air duct and air rug cleaning. This is all done for a minimal fee of $39.95 and will leave you satisfied and happy.
  • $25 off $150 + – This is a discount placed on orders that cost $150 or more, a discount of $25 is extracted from the total order ensuring that the client gets a good discount from the order placed. This order is applicable to both residential and commercial levels but is preferred by commercial places where they order a lot of services at once.

The discounts at Indianapolis from Stanley Steemers are well designed to ensure that the clients get the most from the company and leave them satisfied. They also aim at rewarding loyal customers who have been with Stanley Steemers for a long period of time. However the coupons are seasonal and should be taken advantage of as soon as possible, some of them are only found online while others are only for residential places only.

With over three decades of experience in carpet cleaning, Stanley Steemers aim at pleasing the customer, offering them quality service and above all ensuring that they keep coming back for regular cleaning. The experts at Stanley Steemers are well trained to provide the best service on your carpet, furniture and house at large. The team will carry out extensive research on the stains on the carpet, tiles and furniture before cleaning is done. This will ensure that the stain removers will not corrode the different materials on the sofa or carpet.  Stanley Steemers care a great deal for the general outlook of your house and will ensure that your house is left spotlessly clean.  The discounts are also friendly and range from one state to the other as well as on different services. Call Stanley Steemers to get a free quotation with the discounts.